JD Sports - Nike Air Jordan


JD Sport sought to create a captivating in-store brand activation for the launch of the new Nike Air Jordans. Confronted with limited space, Superla Play was tasked with designing an experience that not only showcased the iconic sneakers but also engaged customers in a memorable way.


The Superla Play team devised a cutting-edge solution—an Augmented Reality (AR) basketball game. By leveraging AR technology, the experience offered an immersive and space-efficient way for customers to interact with the new Air Jordans.


  1. AR Basketball Game: Customers accessed the game by scanning a QR code, launching an AR experience directly through their web browser.
  2. Virtual Basketball Hoop: The AR game tracked a virtual basketball hoop projected onto the store wall, providing a dynamic and interactive element.
  3. Gameplay: Users engaged in a competitive game, flicking virtual basketballs through the AR hoop to score points.
  4. Exclusive Rewards: The top 20 scores were rewarded with an exclusive pair of Air Jordans, creating a sense of competition and excitement among customers.


Superla Play seamlessly integrated the AR basketball game into the JD Sport store environment, ensuring a user-friendly and visually striking experience. The web-based approach allowed for easy accessibility, requiring only a QR code scan to activate the game.


The in-store brand activation exceeded expectations, providing customers with a unique and memorable interaction with the new Nike Air Jordans. The gamified experience not only showcased the sneakers but also created a buzz within the store, enhancing the overall shopping experience for JD Sport customers.

Customer Engagement and Exclusive Rewards:

By gamifying the Air Jordans launch, JD Sport successfully engaged customers in a fun and competitive manner. The exclusive rewards for the top 20 scorers added an element of excitement, turning the in-store experience into a memorable event.

Future Possibilities:

The success of the Air Jordans AR experience sets the stage for future collaborations between Superla Play and JD Sport, illustrating the potential of AR technology in transforming in-store brand activations.