Email. Sort. Repeat.

Gone Phishing

Immerse yourself in the dynamic challenge of organizing emails whilst navigating daily rules and spotting potential phishing threats.

Inspired by the hit game "Papers, Please," this interactive experience not only tests your skills but also equips you with essential knowledge to safeguard against cyber threats.

Are you ready to protect your company's digital health? Play Gone Phishing and level up your cybersecurity prowess today!


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, a major pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of educating its staff about the intricacies of phishing emails. Recognizing the need for an engaging and immersive solution, Superla Play embarked on the development of "Gone Phishing," a game designed to simulate the complexities of email organization and threat detection.


Gone Phishing emerged as an innovative and gamified approach to cybersecurity education. Loosely inspired by the acclaimed game "Papers, Please," the experience immersed players in the role of an employee tasked with organizing emails while navigating evolving rules and potential phishing threats. The goal: safeguard the company's digital health by identifying and thwarting phishing attempts.


  1. Daily Rules and Challenges: Players faced daily rules and challenges, mirroring the dynamic nature of phishing threats in real-world scenarios.
  2. Distractions and Threats: Various distractions in emails made it progressively challenging to spot phishing attempts, emphasizing the importance of vigilance.
  3. Impact on Company Health: Allowing too many phishing emails through could have repercussions on the company's digital well-being, adding a layer of consequence to the game.


Superla Play seamlessly integrated educational elements into the Gone Phishing game, ensuring that players not only enjoyed the experience but also absorbed essential cybersecurity principles. The game was designed to be an effective tool for employees to hone their skills in a risk-free virtual environment.


Gone Phishing revolutionized cybersecurity education within the pharmaceutical company, providing a captivating and practical approach to training. The gamification strategy not only increased engagement but also improved the staff's ability to identify and respond to phishing threats. The interactive nature of the game facilitated a deeper understanding of the risks associated with cybersecurity.

Future of Cybersecurity Education:

The success of Gone Phishing positions Superla Play as a leader in transforming cybersecurity education. The game's effectiveness in imparting crucial knowledge while fostering a sense of responsibility sets the stage for future innovations in ensuring digital safety across industries. As threats evolve, Superla Play remains committed to pioneering solutions that empower organizations and individuals in the ever-expanding realm of cybersecurity.