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Ops Res Academy

Transform operational resilience into a dynamic journey with “Ops Res Academy” by Superla Play.

Engage your team with immersive learning experiences, video-based modules, and a competitive edge, boosting on-time completion rates by up to 44%.

Ops res


The shift to hybrid working posed a unique challenge for financial institutions, demanding constant outreach to staff while adhering to stringent data security rules. Superla Play rose to the occasion, developing the Ops Res Academy game—a dynamic portal designed to educate and engage employees in all things operational resilience.


Ops Res Academy became the gateway to operational resilience knowledge, blending video-based learning with an immersive game world. Users watched educational videos and answered questions to earn valuable time in the game. Departments competed in the Ops Res League Table, fostering a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie.


  1. Video-Based Learning: Users engaged in video content to grasp essential operational resilience concepts.
  2. Game World Integration: Earned time in the game allowed users to explore and apply their knowledge in an interactive virtual environment.
  3. Departmental Competition: Departments competed on the Ops Res League Table, fostering a spirit of collaboration and healthy competition.


Ops Res Academy seamlessly integrated education with gamification, providing an engaging and effective way for employees to enhance their operational resilience understanding. The platform catered to the unique challenges posed by hybrid working, ensuring accessibility and participation.


The impact of Ops Res Academy was evident, with the client witnessing a remarkable 44% increase in on-time completion of mandated training within the first year of game rollout. The combination of educational content and gamified elements proved to be a powerful catalyst for improved training adherence and operational resilience awareness.

Future of Employee Training:

Ops Res Academy stands as a testament to the potential of gamified learning in addressing the evolving needs of hybrid working environments. Superla Play continues to pioneer innovative solutions, shaping the future of employee training by seamlessly blending education and engagement.