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In the unprecedented landscape of 2020, RS Components faced the daunting task of transforming their traditional supplier event into a virtual experience. With the limitations imposed by the global pandemic, the usual physical gathering was no longer feasible. Turning to Superla Play for a solution, RS Components sought to create a virtual world capable of accommodating 50 supplier stands and engaging 2500 participants over the course of three days.


Superla Play responded to the challenge by leveraging the immersive power of the gaming world. The team conceptualized and built a comprehensive virtual exhibition platform that went beyond mere functionality, providing users with an authentic virtual world experience.


  1. Supplier Stands: The virtual space seamlessly hosted 50 supplier stands, recreating the essence of a physical exhibition within the digital realm.
  2. Keynote Speakers: Engaging keynote speakers were seamlessly integrated, delivering impactful presentations to a global audience.
  3. Live Streams: The platform facilitated live streaming, ensuring real-time connection and interaction for participants.
  4. Product Demonstrations: Virtual product demonstrations allowed exhibitors to showcase their offerings dynamically.
  5. Live Chat and Video Conferencing: Attendees could engage in real-time conversations through live chat and video conferencing features.
  6. Gamification: Each supplier stand featured interactive games, adding an element of fun and engagement to the virtual experience.


The Superla Play team took on the challenge of building the entire platform from the ground up, ensuring a user experience that transcended the limitations of traditional virtual events. The result was a seamless and immersive environment that replicated the dynamics of a physical exhibition.


RS Components' Virtual Exhibition 2020 was a resounding success, drawing in 2500 participants over three days. The innovative platform not only met the logistical challenges posed by the pandemic but exceeded expectations in providing a rich and interactive virtual experience. The inclusion of games, live streams, and personalized interactions elevated the event, creating lasting impressions for both exhibitors and attendees.

Future of Virtual Experiences:

The RS Components Virtual Exhibition serves as a testament to the transformative potential of virtual experiences, especially in challenging times. Superla Play continues to pioneer innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual realm and redefining the landscape of digital events.