Chillout session on the white island

Ibiza Residency

Welcome to the pulsating world of the Ibiza Residency, where Superla Play has seamlessly blended the thrill of an infinite runner game with the vibrant energy of the legendary party island.

In this digital playground, users embark on a high-octane journey, not only racing through ever-changing landscapes but also crafting their own tracks amidst captivating worlds.

The Ibiza Residency stands as a testament to the prowess of Superla Play in rapidly deploying innovative gaming experiences.

Designed to be a versatile canvas for retailers, this game not only showcases the agility of game development but also provides a dynamic platform for brands to engage with their audience through immersive gamification.

Join us as we delve into the heart of Ibiza Residency, where the rhythm of the game meets the beat of brand innovation.

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Superla Play set out to exemplify the agility of game development by creating a dynamic, infinite runner experience. The goal was to showcase the potential for rapid and efficient deployment while providing a platform for retailers to engage with customers through gamification.


The challenge was met with enthusiasm, resulting in an innovative infinite runner game. Users could not only enjoy the thrill of endless running but also design their own tracks while traversing captivating worlds that offered prime opportunities for brand takeovers.


In collaboration with the Superla Play team, retailers gained access to a versatile set of install experiences. This allowed brands to seamlessly integrate gamification into their customer engagement strategies, offering a unique and immersive way to connect with their audience.


  1. Infinite Runner Dynamics: The game delivered an adrenaline-pumping experience, allowing users to navigate through ever-changing landscapes.
  2. User-Generated Tracks: A standout feature allowed players to create their tracks within the game, fostering a sense of creativity and personalization.
  3. Brand Takeovers: Retailers could strategically place their branding within the game, creating a non-intrusive yet impactful way to connect with players.


The infinite runner game was designed with efficiency in mind, showcasing how game development can be swift without compromising quality. Superla Play's expertise ensured a smooth integration of brand takeovers, providing retailers with a powerful tool for customer engagement.


The deployment of the infinite runner game demonstrated not only the speed at which games could be pushed out but also the potential for retailers to leverage gamification as a strategic customer engagement tool. The flexibility of the platform allowed for diverse install experiences tailored to the unique needs of each brand.

Future Possibilities:

Superla Play continues to pioneer innovative solutions, empowering retailers to explore new dimensions of customer interaction through gamification. The success of the infinite runner game serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when creativity, technology, and retail strategy converge.