Hyper-Casual gaming


Dive into the dynamic world of Whack-A-Germ, a game designed by Superla Play to revolutionize the way Envoke engages with the Bio-Tech and Life Sciences industries at events.

Picture a hyper-casual gaming experience that not only entertains but becomes a rallying cry against virtual germs, aligning seamlessly with the industry's commitment to health and hygiene.

In this gamified adventure, attendees find themselves on the frontlines, armed with the mission to eradicate germs and bolster the collective fight against health challenges.

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Envoke, a prominent participant in Bio-Tech and Life Sciences events, faced the perennial challenge of driving traffic to their stands amidst the bustling event landscape. Seeking an engaging solution, Superla Play was enlisted to create a hyper-casual game that not only attracted attention but also aligned with the industry focus on health and hygiene.


Superla Play crafted "Whack-A-Germ," a playful and interactive game inspired by the classic whack-a-mole format. The theme centered around eradicating germs, aligning perfectly with the Bio-Tech and Life Sciences industry's commitment to promoting health and fighting pathogens.


  1. Hyper-Casual Gameplay: The game adopted a whack-a-mole clone style, providing a quick and accessible way for event attendees to engage.
  2. Germs as Adversaries: Players aimed to eliminate virtual germs, emphasizing the industry's dedication to combating health challenges.
  3. Event-Specific Theme: The game was tailored to resonate with the event's focus on Bio-Tech and Life Sciences, creating a cohesive and relevant experience.


Superla Play seamlessly integrated Whack-A-Germ into Envoke's event strategy. Attendees accessed the game easily on-site, immersing themselves in a fun and thematic experience that resonated with the industry's core values.


The impact of Whack-A-Germ was staggering, with a remarkable 75% increase in traffic to Envoke's stands compared to the previous year. Attendees were drawn to the interactive and entertaining game, providing a memorable entry point for engagement with Envoke's offerings.

Driving Engagement and Industry Relevance:

The hyper-casual nature of Whack-A-Germ not only captured attention but also facilitated quick and enjoyable interactions. The game's thematic alignment with the industry's focus on health and hygiene strengthened Envoke's brand presence and underscored their commitment to advancing the Bio-Tech and Life Sciences sectors.

Future Event Strategy:

The success of Whack-A-Germ positions Superla Play as a strategic partner in Envoke's future event endeavors. The game's effectiveness in driving traffic highlights the potential for innovative gamification strategies to create impactful and memorable brand experiences.